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How to Be Your Own Fertility Patient Advocate

It’s not easy for everyone to be the champion of a cause. However, when the cause is your own fertility and t… Read More

Four Important Debunked Fertility Myths

Myths about fertility can affect men and women negatively when they are trying to conceive. They can… Read More

How to Prepare for Fertility Treatment and Pregnancy

First, we’d like to welcome you to Chicago IVF. Our team of fertility specialists understands what a huge c… Read More

Why Is Fertility Patient Education Important?

Entering the fertility community as a new patient or intended parent can amount to any number of… Read More

Sharing Your Fertility Story with Chicago IVF

Reading the fertility stories of current and former patients is one of the best ways those who are new to the… Read More

Chicago IVF Welcomes Dr. Natalie Schultz

The Chicago IVF team is very excited to celebrate one of our newest staff members, Dr. Natalie Schultz. Dr.… Read More

Chicago IVF Website Redesign Wins "Gold" From Horizon Interactive Awards

IV Interactive, a digital marketing agency that services medical and healthcare organizations around the… Read More

Patient Trust and Confidence in the Chicago IVF Laboratory

At Chicago IVF, we understand the time, effort and research that goes into finding the right fertility clinic… Read More

Have you ever considered egg freezing?

Egg freezing, also sometimes called fertility preservation, provides women with the opportunity to extend… Read More

How Do Surrogacy Laws Work?

Gestational surrogacy services offer a path for those couples and individuals who are LGBTQ or those facing… Read More

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