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Chicago IVF maintains an excellent reputation among patients and referring physicians. But don't take our word for it. Read Chicago IVF reviews, ratings and testimonials to see what patients have to say about their experience with our fertility center. You can also post your own review for Chicago IVF.

“It has been 10 years since my husband and I first walked through the doors of your Warrenville location, after miscarriage and a year of infertility, desperate to become parents. In honor of National Infertility Awareness Week, I thought I’d check back in with an update. The hours I spent in your clinic for consultations, lab draws, ultrasounds and procedures changed my life in ways that I could not even imagine when I began this journey. It was 5 years between my first miscarriage and the birth of my first child. We underwent testing, procedures, surgery and more medications than I can even quantify. Tears, frustrations, disappointment and the fear of never realizing our dreams of becoming parents were at times so overwhelming that I wasn’t sure if I could continue with the process. But the staff at your facilities from doctors, to nurses, tech, receptionists and everyone in-between, treated me with respect and care and real concern and understanding for what we were going through. They gave me comfort and hope and the strength to keep going. One nurse in particular, Margaret, was exceptional. She didn’t just give me the courage and strength to continue on my journey to become a mother, but she inspired me to be more, do more, and change my life. Because of who she is, what she does everyday, and how she treated me, I realized that I wanted to be able to be that light in someone else’s life. So, I went back to school. She made me want to help others like she helped me. She inspired me to become a nurse and to use my experiences to help others. I have been a nurse now for 4 years. I work in an emergency department and have been able to be a source of comfort and support for many women undergoing pregnancy loss. Because of my personal experiences I have been able to help them in way that other nurses may not have been able. As an ER nurse I have also been able to personally deliver a baby and help two scared new parents welcome their child into the world. These are things I would have never been able to do in life had it not been for one amazing nurse who inspired me to want to give back. Chicago IVF gave me the family I have always dreamed of having. They made my dreams of becoming a mother a reality. But Margaret did do much more than that for me. She helped me see beyond those dreams and to create new one. She helped me realize my potential and inspired me to help others the way she helped me. Now everyday I go to work, I comfort, I care, I save lives. Lives that would never have been impacted had she not been there for me. Thank you to everyone at Chicago IVF for supporting me on my journey to be a mother, and thank you, Margaret for inspiring me to be a nurse. You have changed my life in immeasurable ways!”
“I went to Chicago IVF in Munster in January 2016 and had 3 appointments for consultation and testing that same month. Everyone I met there from the Nurses to Dr. Brasch were all so amazing! Enthusiastic, positive, comforting, knowledgeable and everything you need when in the depressing situation on infertility. I would do testing at 7AM on numerous occasions and they always called with my results by 2PM that same day every time. I was never left in the dark on what was going on and what was to happen next. My surgery was done by Dr. Brasch in February 2016 to remove a polyp that was seen on one of the tests done, and we were pregnant in March 2016 with our first IUI cycle! After 4 long years of tears and endless disappointment, we were pregnant with one perfect healthy boy! Three months with Chicago IVF was all it took before we heard our son’s beautiful heart beat for the first time. I will forever be grateful to the girls at the Munster Chicago IVF and Dr. Brasch for giving my miracle son, Austin John.”
Shannon, Johnny and Austin
“We are forever grateful for Chicago-IVF. They helped us create our two miracle babies! From the moment we stepped into the St. Charles location, we felt so at ease. We can't thank Dr. Jain and all the wonderful nurses and staff members we came in contact with throughout our IVF journey enough! You have changed our lives for the better! Thank you!”
“All I can say is thank God for you guys! Thanks to you we now have our biggest miracle in our arms. We were trying for a long time, and thanks to the great team at Chicago IVF, we are now parents of a wonderfully perfect baby boy. The team is very supportive and professional. Nurses and doctors guide you through the process in such a positive way. It's not always easy as it might take some time, but they are always there for you even if you only need a hug.”
Silvana B.
“We had a wonderful experience with Chicago IVF - Orland Park. The staff of nurses treated me like I was their only patient. I'm over 40 and insurance only would pay for one round. Dr. Jain was encouraging and took the time to explain every process to us. Every time I came to the office for blood work or an an ultrasound, I was greeted very nicely and was actually happy to go to the doctor. I looked forward to my appointments. I would recommend Chicago IVF to everyone that needs help with having a baby. We had our son this past December. He is perfect! We visited the office the other day to have the nurses meet him. He is our miracle and we would not have him if it was not for them and Dr. Jain. Thank you so much for being so caring and loving to our family.”
Jennifer F.
“All of the staff is friendly and caring. They are always willing to take the time to answer any questions you might have throughout the IVF process. They do their very best to make a difficult and overwhelming process easier for their patients.”
Robyn P.
“I give Chicago IVF five stars! The service there was SUPERB! Everyone was so friendly, they all had smiling faces, which was very important because I was so nervous and anxious about my appt! The office was very clean neat and there was a very peaceful atmosphere! The nurse practitioner explained everything CLEARLY and concise! I left there with a good understanding of what to expect financialy and treatment-wise!”
Tangie S.
“I started my journey at Chicago-IVF last year at the beginning of the year. I was welcomed with lots of tests and results. I was overwhelmed personally, but the team was open to assisting me in all ways. I am still continuing on my journey after some personal time off, and I am happy to working with the team of nurses who really are sympathetic and compassionate to mine and my husband's needs.”
“I love this Clinic in Orland Park. I had a previous experience at a different clinic with 3 failed cycles and gave up. 7 years later I was referred to Chicago IVF for another try and they got it on the first attempt. Now I have a beautiful 5 month old baby. I love the staff, nurses, doctors. They went over everything with me and explained everything step-by-step. They were always on point with their calls and taking care of me they my cycle, they actually made me feel like I was their only patient I am actually in the process of getting ready for a new cycle. I will see you soon Chicago IVF.”
Lady Y.
“This place is a Godsend. Everyone is so calming, welcoming and professional. I'm only a month into my experience but so far so good. Great people that help you navigate a frustrating issue.”
Emily W.
“I highly recommend Chicago IVF! All the nurses, front desk staff, ultrasound techs, nurse practitioners, everyone were absolutely helpful and kind. I have experience of another clinic from my first son, and let me tell you how professional and organized Chicago IVF is. My appt's were on time and quick. I felt that everyone there really was compassionate about my situation, and were all genuinely happy for me when I got pregnant. I met with Dr. Jain for my treatment, and I felt he was very on top of the latest procedures. I found out a very painful medicine I took with my first pregnancy was not needed and is an old outdated treatment. Very grateful for everyone at Chicago IVF.”
Mary D.
“I am so thankful that I was referred to Chicago IVF they are truly amazing! All the staff is very helpful and are very compassionate.”
Martha L.
“We had our first appointment yesterday at the Valpo location. The nurse practitioner (Nancy) was wonderful!- We really appreciated the time she spent with us,-.....I felt like she really cared, which was such a blessing. We left feeling very hopeful and like we finally had some sort of "plan" on our journey to conception. Thank you so much Nancy and the entire staff! FIVE STARS TO ALL OF YOU! YOU'RE ALL SO NICE AND WE SO APPRECIATE YOU! THANK YOU SO MUCH!”
Ashley C.
“I was extremely pleased with my experience at Chicago IVF Valparaiso! The staff is such an amazing team! They held my hand through the entire process and I'm thrilled with the outcome. I couldn't have been more comfortable thanks to Angela the nurse on staff!”
Beth W.
“What can I say about the place and people that made our dreams come true? The staff at Chicago IVF in St Charles is absolutely amazing! Catherine, Jenna and Yasuko take amazing care of you throughout your treatments. They make you feel like family, like you matter. Dr. Brasch is the best! Very knowledgeable. The staff cares about its patients, not money. They will guide you through the hardest time of your life and you'll feel like a weight is lifted off your shoulders.”
“My husband and I will forever be grateful to Chicago IVF. They helped us conceive our twins!”
Janixa G.
“My wife and I discovered that our chances of getting pregnant the traditional way were less than favorable due to health issues. After several months of tests and procedures my wife's doctor referred us to Chicago IVF thinking our success rate would be high. From our first visit to our last, which is next week, the entire staff and the doctors made us feel at home. They explained everything to us from beginning to end and they were always happy to answer our questions. The personalized service and dedication to our happiness and ultimate success were unparallel to any other doctor's office we have ever been to. We were fortunate enough to have success on our first attempt and my wife and I couldn't be more excited!!”
“If you and your significant other are ever going through something similar to what my wife and I went through there is still hope in many cases, and Chicago IVF in St Charles could be the answer.”
“From the bottom of our hearts a special thank you to the entire staff at Chicago IVF for helping to make a dream a reality.”
Jim B.
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