Egg Donor Program

Become an Egg Donor in Chicago, Illinois and Indiana

Chicago IVF is proud to work with the generous, considerate young women who donate their eggs to help those in need grow the family of their dreams. We’re honored to support the thoughtful dedication of their time and energy by providing a comfortable, supportive environment to all donors. Our expert, caring staff has been voted among the most compassionate in the industry, and we use only the latest technologies to ensure the highest industry standards, safety, and success rates.

CIVF Egg Donation

The Egg Donation Process

We’re committed to making the egg donation process as quick, easy, and comfortable as possible. If you choose to donate your eggs with Chicago IVF, you’ll first meet with our team for an initial consultation. During this visit, we’ll discuss your background and carefully review the individual steps of donation and what you can personally expect. Generally speaking, donors will complete the following steps:

  • Written application
  • Physical exam and laboratory clearance
  • Acceptance into the program
  • Match of donor and recipient
  • Medication injections to suppress ovarian function
  • Fertility medication injections
  • Monitoring of ovaries by ultrasound and lab work
  • Retrieval of eggs once maturation is complete

Become an Egg Donor at Chicago IVF

We appreciate and respect the compassionate generosity of anyone interested in becoming an egg donor. To learn more, please download and review the Complete Oocyte (Egg) Donation Booklet for Donors and Recipients. If you’re ready to get started, we invite you to complete the following forms:

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