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Fertility Screening Program

The Fertility Tests

  • A semen analysis is the main male fertility test available and evaluates a man’s sperm to discover causes of male infertility.
  • An AMH blood test (Anti-Mullerian Hormone) uses a blood sample to measure the hormone substance produced by cells in the ovarian follicles. The blood levels will attempt to measure the remaining female egg supply. With increasing female age, the size of her pool decreases along with AMH levels.
  • An antral follicle count exam is a simple test using high quality ultrasound equipment. It allows us to evaluate a woman's supply of eggs for the future. Tests of ovarian reserve do not measure the quality of the eggs, only quantity.

Understand your Fertility Testing Results


AMH> 1.0 ng/ml
Antral Follicle Count10-20 Combined Both Ovaries
Semen Analysis
- Concentration=15 million/ml
- Progressive Motility=32%
- Total Motility=40%
- Morphology=4%

Please note: The testing performed by Chicago IVF’s Fertility Screening Program does not constitute formal medical advice. The ultrasound performed is strictly limited to screening of your ovarian reserve, and does not substitute for a formal pelvic ultrasound exam of your uterus and ovaries. If your Fertility Screening Program results are abnormal, it is advised to consult a physician. Further testing or treatment may be indicated. If you choose a Chicago IVF physician, all fees paid through the Fertility Screening Program will be credited to the initial consultation fee.

References: World Health Organization, WHO, 5th Edition, Technical Manual, 2010

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