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Our Semen Analysis Program, as Explained by a Chicago IVF Andrologist

Posted on March 25th, 2019 in Treatments
Our Semen Analysis Program, as Explained by a Chicago IVF Andrologist

Completion of a semen analysis can be a core part of fertility testing for many Chicago IVF patients. So often, the male partner is not considered up front when a fertility issue is suspected, and a semen analysis can provide important information for patients and their fertility specialist in terms of preparing an effective treatment plan.

Marci Fry, a Chicago IVF andrology laboratory technician, has helped answer some of the top questions we encounter from patients about our semen analysis program. Please check out her Q&A below and be sure to contact our team with any questions you may have about the program or fertility testing.

Free Semen Analysis
Patients should note that if you’re referred to Chicago IVF for semen analysis by a member of our network of referring physicians, we’ll provide the initial testing free of charge. After testing, results will be sent back to your referring physician, who will follow up with you to provide analysis.

Marci Fry, Chicago IVF andrology laboratory technician Q&A

Why is completing a semen analysis so important for couples struggling to conceive?
Completing a semen analysis is so important for couples struggling to conceive because the female partner’s fertility is only half of the picture. Without the other half of the puzzle completed, we aren’t working with all the facts.

How does the Chicago IVF semen analysis program differ from other clinics?
Chicago IVF really puts the personal touch on relaying results to the patient. Our nurse practitioners call each patient to go over results within days of having the appointment. We also offer patients comfortable collection rooms to produce in or give them the option to collect at home if they live within an hour of one of our Illinois or Indiana locations.

What do the results of a semen analysis mean?
The results of a semen analysis determine whether or not the patient has sperm – and what the quality of the sperm he has is. If the patient does have sperm, then there are certain parameters that determine whether or not the sample falls within normal limits. Samples need to fall under certain guidelines both macroscopically and microscopically. In other words, the sample must measure in volume, pH, and appearance within certain limits. Similarly, under the microscope, we are concerned with movement and shape.

What are next steps for patients after a semen analysis?
After the semen analysis, once the female partner has had her initial testing done, a couple can schedule an appointment with a physician. The physician will then be able to determine a specific treatment plan for the patients’ specific situation.

How often does a semen analysis clarify a fertility issue ahead of treatment?
A semen analysis clarifies a fertility issue ahead of treatment many times. A lot of the time, the woman is the first one to be seen by a doctor for fertility issues, but the doctor doesn’t have any idea yet what the situation is for the male. It can either eliminate a variable when the results are normal or help doctors figure out a solution if the results are not so favorable.

Is there anything else patients need to know about the semen analysis program at Chicago IVF?
We have an extremely fast turnaround time. Once we receive a sample in the lab, it is processed almost immediately and results are completed within 24 hours. Many times those results are communicated to the patient by a nurse practitioner within a week.

Contact Chicago IVF to schedule a semen analysis. Please be sure to confirm if you’ve received a referral from our network of referring physicians, then we’ll provide the initial testing free of charge.

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