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Why Chicago IVF?

Why is fertility testing important?

The Fertility Screening Program provides important information for anyone who is concerned about their future fertility potential.

Lifestyles are changing. Have you considered assessing your fertility status?

It’s not uncommon for individuals and couples to put off starting a family in favor of pursuing other life goals, such as career, education, or travel. While you may not be ready to start a family now, you may want to in the future. Because fertility diminishes as you age, being aware of your fertility health now is critical.

At Chicago IVF, you can learn more about your personal fertility health with our Fertility Screening Program. This program, valued at over $530, is currently available as a complimentary service during the month of February. Think of this as the perfect first step to taking control of your fertility future and family building goals.

What is included in the Fertility Screening Program?

  • For men: comprehensive semen analysis
  • For women: AMH blood test + Antral Follicle Count ultrasound exam
  • Complimentary result review with one of our providers

Where can I receive fertility testing?

Semen analysis, AMH blood tests, and antral follicle ultrasounds can be performed at one of Chicago IVF’s five locations in Illinois and Indiana. We have fertility clinic locations in:

  • Orland Park, IL
  • St. Charles, IL
  • Valparaiso, IN
  • Munster, IN

Award-Winning, Top-Rated Fertility Specialists

Our award-winning doctors offer decades of experience in fertility care, and our clinical staff is comprised of seasoned caregivers, many of whom have worked in the fertility field for more than ten years. Patients travel from across the country and around the globe to visit the specialists of Chicago IVF, because they provide the very best in fertility and reproductive medicine, utilizing cutting-edge procedures and the very latest in advanced laboratory techniques.

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“We had a wonderful experience with Chicago IVF. I would recommend Chicago IVF to everyone that needs help with having a baby.”
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